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On the second floor of the  Palazzo della cultura (Formerly-conservatorio delle orfane ) Terra Murata, from the 19th of June  2011 it is possible to visit a reconstructed historic faciility  of the house of Graziella.  In September of 1811 the french writed/poet Alphonse De Lamartine arrived in Italy, he was merely 21 years old  and was  the principal character in the Grand Tour; according to the tale of Graziella , Lamartine resided in Procida from the 1st of April  1812 till the end of May 1813 during this 14 month stay this writer fell in love with this young local orphan Graziella who at the time was living with her grandmother, grandfather  Andrea and her brothers whome we remember only Beppo.

Lamartine  in 1849 decided to write this beautiful love story.  This very romantic story of love was born on this Island where, the atmosheric surroundings and  the smell of the sea engulfed you, Graziella, a very young woman with dark eyes and long tresses, makes the main character  fall  madly in love with her head over heals, due to her naive simplicity and raw beauty. This young woman was the daughter of local fisherman, where Lamartine spent his stay on this lovely island, and he immediately  abbandoned his traveling  french wardrobe in order to become part of the simple life and culture of the Island. This  tender love that was born  during the long days passed together  working  on the coral reefs and reading love letters in the small fisherman’s house of this Island, this was interrupted by his unexpected  departure to france. Alphonse left his lover Graziella with a promise: that he would return to her as soon as possible. While waiting for his return this young woman fell ill to tubercolosis and before dying, she mailed  him a letter  enclosing one of her beautiful tress. Alphonse saved the lettera long with the tress for his entire life in order to commemorate this unique love that he would never be able to find in any other woman.

Two tundred years after this event the cultural society “La casa di Graziella”, with the collaboration  of the Comune di Procida, have reconstructed  this site. 
Obviously this house is by fa richer than a fisherman’s (of which there was nothing left).  The entire wardrobe is dated  from 1800 and 1900 but nothing actually belonged to Graziella. The purpose of the museum is to save  and continue to promote the history  and culture of Procida throught the eyes of Graziella that lived and died for love.

Terra Murata

Via Terra Murata


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