Santa Maria delle Grazie

The Church of "Santa Maria delle Grazie" is located in Martyrs Square in Procida. The church was built in 1679 by the Archbishop Innico Caracciolo, although there was already, at this place, a small chapel of worship at Our Lady of Grace (people called the square Semmarezìo, Santa Maria). The entrance and raised choir and flanked on the left by the access to the sacristy enter the nave embellished with floral designs and occupied the bottom center where the altar stands the canvas of the Madonna delle Grazie, enriched with gold and silver in 1854 the will of the inhabitants of the island, to curry favor with the Virgin of the miracle of having freed Procida from the plague. The building is the Marian shrine in the summer of 1924 and is open daily.


Piazza dei Martiri, 1



  • 09:00-20:00
  • always opened
  • Always Opened
  • Public Space
Free Entry

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